Reason to Trust #23 [Helena]

Helena NortheyAge: 38 // Favourite Food: Have to say chocolate with coffee……. the best combination! //Dream Job: Doing it – I love being a PE/Health teacher. I feel privileged to input into such an important area of kids lives. For them to get a love of exercise, and see how it can help them through all areas of everyday life. And to know that it is not about whether you are good at it or not, its about finding something you enjoy, and improving yourself, having all the rewards that come with exercise like feeling positive about life and yourself, and having a healthier body and mind. Health in the same way relates to all areas of life, like resilience, building a positive self esteem, bullying, drugs, alcohol education, understanding our bodies, making decisions, sexual health, mental illness, healthy lifestyles…….. and then relating it to God and His purposes in our lives – LOVE IT! // Current Season: Living my dream life, excited about the year ahead and then getting injured, surgery, almost died and stuck in bed for months in a lot of pain! // Met Jesus: At Sunday school when I was five. // Favourite Verse: Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 – A Time For Everything

I was so excited for the year ahead. My injury happened on my 1st week back at work for the year. We had just started playing a PE game, I was in and started chasing one of my year 10 male students, sprinting at my max and leaning in for the tag, I felt a rubber band snapping sensation around my hip area. I finally found out I had a hamstring avulsion – where you rip your hamstring tendons off your pelvis. So three and a half weeks later – I have surgery where they anchor my tendons back onto my pelvis with pins.

After the surgery in North Sydney, I was in a huge amount of pain so the decision was made to hook me up to a self administering morphine pump. I pressed it whenever I was allowed to as the pain was excruciating. The next day they said I could travel back to Canberra, they discharged me and gave me a morphine injection to my stomach to help with the trip back.

My husband and I were waiting for the wheelchair and it was taking so long. About 45mins after the morphine injection, while waiting for that wheelchair, I started to feel sick and passed out. My husband called my nurse, who checked my vitals and rang the code blue alarm.

Six ICU doctors ran in (my hubby said it was like an ER episode) and they began working on me. I had respiratory depression – which ultimately stops your heart. They injected me with three large vials of Narcan, which reverses the effects of an overdose.

While this was all happening, I was unconscious, but could hear sounds. All of a sudden all the sound ceased, I felt peaceful and I saw bright colours of yellow, orange and red. And in my mind I thought, “I am dead, I am dead.” Then all of a sudden my eyes opened and I felt the most intense pain I have ever felt. The Narcan had reversed every bit of painkiller that I had in me and I was screaming. It took 20 minutes before they could calm me down. It was a very frightening experience!

What is amazing is that wheelchair didn’t come! It was God, if I had been in the car on the way to Canberra I would have died. God is ALL knowing. In life don’t get frustrated in the delays and the waiting – God is in control!

One thing out of that near death experience that I realised is that we are all a breath away from being called home.

We need to cherish everyday that we have, make the most of every moment and enjoy life in the everyday experiences. When we are called home, it is nothing to be afraid of, as Christians we will be taken into our loving Saviour’s arms.

So now as I write this, I am nine weeks post operative and still, every day, I need to give it all to God.

I am thanking God for my husband, my kids, my mum, dad and all my wonderful friends. God’s grace has been abundant. This injury takes 6-12 months to recover. I ended up with a superbug in my wound, (which has gone now) and I am still on a lot of pain medication. I have started Hydrotherapy, three times a week and was very excited to be doing something – however I am in more pain afterwards, but am believing for that light at the end of the tunnel.

I have really felt God near me through this all and I know from past experience that God turns the bad into good. He gives beauty for ashes. I believe there are many lessons to be taught in our tough times. We need to remember that God is good and keep holding, gripping onto God and know that He will bring you through!

God has brought me through bad times. He has a good plan for my life and is always faithful. Through the bad times, it feels as though we are the only ones struggling through trials. Life is going to have its ups and downs, everyone has struggles and WOW life is about bringing glory to Him, trusting God, just getting back up, dusting yourself off, and keep putting one foot in front of the other and pressing on through all seasons!


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