Reason to Trust #39 [Jane]

Jane AverillAge: A happy 56! // Favourite Food: Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! I often wonder what fruit tasted like in the Garden of Eden whilst secretly hoping that that there will be fruit in heaven that I haven’t yet tasted. // Dream Job: Pastoring a wonderful church family and an amazing team whom ( I feel) God hand picked especially for me! // Current Season: Enjoying God adventures with my hubby, loving my elderly parents, enjoying our adult daughters and connecting with all those God places in my path. // Met Jesus: Walked into a church at 27, and walked out the same day born again. // Favourite Verse: 1 Samuel 17:45-46 , as David runs to Goliath, he says, “ You come to me with a sword and a spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of the armies of heaven and Israel…….and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.” // Instagram: @janeaverill

 I was 27 and living and teaching on the Gold Coast.  I had just completed running a marathon, I was enjoying teaching my Year 3 class, I had a boyfriend, a fabulous family that loved me and a wonderful social life. AND YET, I was lonely. Every minute of my day was accounted for and yet the pervading thought I had, was that something was missing in my life and I simply didn’t know what to do about it!

That same year, I was driving past my local shops and noticed the word JESUS on a banner . This piqued my interest and I decided to take a look. Upon entering the room , I  peered in and noticed  plastic chairs and a drum set in the corner and promptly thought, “ This cannot be a church. Where are the pews and the stained glass windows and what are drums doing here?”

As I was about to leave a woman met me and welcomed me and told me what time church was on a Sunday.  I later found out that this was the Pastor’s wife and that she had asked the church to come to a prayer meeting and pray that the young woman who had come to the door of the church would come to church on Sunday.

Oh, how glad and humbled I am that they did this, because without even really knowing why, I decided to go to church that Sunday. I found myself walking to the front of the church, and it was here that the Pastor’s wife met me and led me in a prayer, asking Jesus to be my Saviour. My spirit was born again and from that moment on, my life with Jesus as my Lord began.

Not long after this, a visiting preacher came and asked the single people to stand and I did. He prayed that I would be married in a year and that I was to to write 7 things in the front of my bible that I was looking for in a husband and I did!! I remember that I wrote tall, dark and handsome as one of my first points. Tall, because I am tall, and I wanted to be able to wear my stilettos alongside him. I am truly grateful to have met my taller than me husband! We met and married in 4 months and was within the year that the visiting preacher had prayed about.

And now 27 years later, he is still my most amazing tall, dark, handsome man! I don’t believe the way I met Murray is a formula for finding the ‘right man’ and I am not suggesting visiting preachers follow the example of making such pronouncements. However, I do know this was the gracious love of a Heavenly Father who looked upon me, His daughter and answered her prayer. I also know he loves you the same way.

You, precious reader, have every reason to trust that God is a good God who wants the very best for you. Even when I didn’t know God, He loved me so much that He had a Jesus sign right where He knew I would see it and a wonderful little church community that loved me unconditionally (even when I wore an  outrageously short mini skirt the first time I went to church).

I am forever grateful.


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  1. Anne Marie Donatiu says:

    What a truely awe-inspiring story Jane. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey starting with just one word Jesus & trusting Him.

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