Reason to Trust #2 [Aleesha]

Aleesha PriceAge: 26 // Favourite Food: Gingernut Biscuits // Dream Job: Right now? Being a mum.  // Current Season: wife, mum, student, blogger. // Met Jesus: At Sunday School when I was four, my Uncle was the ‘guest speaker’ and my friend and I thought it would be fun if we both went down the front. // Favourite Verse: Jeremiah 5:22 –  I, the LORD, am the one who defines the ocean’s sandy shoreline, an everlasting boundary that the waters cannot cross. The waves may toss and roar, but they can never pass the bounds I set. // Related: Daughter of Francine // Blog: // Instagram: @aleeshaprice

When I was a kid I walked on my tippy toes. Not like in a cute way, as in I walked with a limp like a baby horse. It wasn’t cool, it didn’t make me any friends and it earned me the most terrible nicknames, a huge complex, and a target on my back to any potential primary school bullies. 

I couldn’t run, and when I did I essentially galloped, most times resulting in a dislocated knee-cap and ten minutes on the ground reeling in pain, at least weekly. I had my first knee reconstruction when I was four which didn’t work but left me with a scar the width of my entire knee that they re-opened and had another whack at when I was nine years old. I undid all of the work of the second surgery by sneaking out on Sunday School camp and slipping on a big puddle of water. 

I was finally old enough to graduate primary school and the incessant nastiness that it provided to make my way in to high school. Our family went on a road-trip from Brisbane to Melbourne the year between year seven and year eight and we stayed in caravan parks along the way. I remember one night sobbing myself to sleep in fear that the next five years of high-school I would have the same labels like peg-leg and limpy that I’d worn for the last seven. 

There’s not a lot of aninimity in a caravan and my whole family knew my fear. Mum talked me through it and I faced year eight with a unperpetuated nervousness thanks to the best friends in the world. 

As a pastor’s kid every guest preacher would have a go at praying for my healing. By age fifteen I had started to give up hope of ever being one of those people with a testimony that they play on high-light reels of healing crusades and found out I needed another knee reconstruction anyway. 

A well meaning lady at church camp came up to me the week before my surgery and told me some bizarre story about how she nearly died on the operating table when she had to have her hip replaced, and no matter what would happen to me the Lord would be there.  Brilliant. The Lord had clearly had no time for my petty knee problems for the last fifteen years, so he was going to let me come close to death before he pulled one out of the bag? It was hard not to become cynical at this point. 

I had the surgery and it worked. I wore screws in my leg for the following twelve months and  now have probably about eighty percent functionality. It’s not 100% and I don’t know why, but God does. My scars are huge but for some reason I trusted God’s judgement. He had the omnipotent power to heal me, to create me whole in my mother’s womb but He didn’t. I don’t understand why, but maybe it has opened doors without me knowing. I suppose that has taught me trust God and his judgement even if I can’t understand why things are happening. 

Fast forward ten years and I was walking down the aisle to my best buddy and dream guy. I remember him saying when we were dating that in his job we would have to move a lot. I suppose I hadn’t really expected as much as we have, and in the last four years we’ve lived in three different countries, five different cities, I had a baby while we were overseas (for four months) and moved with a six week old. I always have prayed before we have left and carry Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” with me. 

He has never forsaken me. Even in the times when I’ve felt confused He’s been there and reminded me of his great love through planting the right people around me at the right times. Maybe the lesson in coping with my leg was resilience, maybe it was to trust despite circumstances I can’t understand. Whatever it was I believe that his overarching purpose  has been to teach me to trust him, no matter what. 


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