Reason to Trust #4 [Francine]

Francine HuntAge: 52 // Favourite Food: Thai, liquorice // Dream Job: anything thing to do with having coffee and talking to people. Pretty much what I am doing now. // Current Season: Full on. Running a church, state leadership (Queensland Christian Women), being a mum and grandma. // Met Jesus: 1979 // Favourite Verse: Romans 8:1 – “There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” // Related: Mother of Aleesha // Web: // Instagram: @francine_hunt 

Earlier this year my husband and I took 4 weeks holiday. We have never in our thirty one years of married life taken that much time away in one go. That holiday included a 12 day trip to Bali. We ate, slept, read and just lounged around on deck chairs at the beach most of the time. The biggest decision we had to make was where we would be eating dinner that night! On our return to the real world, and back in church that Sunday,  I was still in holiday mode without a care in the world.

On that first Sunday back  I received a message  from a lady requesting that I do the funeral of her sister, a young woman who died from cancer just the night before.

For some, that is no big deal, for me I felt sick in the stomach.

Firstly because I have never done a funeral before – “I can’t do it!”, and secondly I couldn’t pass it on to any of our staff, as this lady and I had been on the journey together.

John (my husband) said to me, “You cant say no.”

I was completely overwhelmed because there was no way of getting out of this. Panic set into the serene demeanour I had only moments earlier.

The next morning I was out walking and talking to God about my ‘problem,’ and  He said, “I have blessed your life so that you can be a blessing to others.”

This made me think about everything God has given me and how my life can be used to bless others for His glory. The fear of standing at the graveside and having the ‘right things’ to say with a group of grieving relatives now became a privilege. Not only was it a privilege but it pushed me to grow in another area of my ministry.

Jesus gave His life for me, He has freed me from sin and death.

All the years of church life and what I have learned from His word and doing life with so many people, I need to share. What I take for granted is not the ‘norm’ for so many. I live a blessed life.


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