Reason to Trust #5 [Roxane]

Roxane McArdleAge:  50…just! // Favourite Food: My mum’s cooking! // Dream Job: Paid to stay home so I can visit friends and volunteer in hospitals. // Current Season: In transition – season of trust! // Met Jesus:  7th May 1974, Ridgehaven AOG, Adelaide (powerful night!) // Favourite Verse:  Most of the Psalms and Proverbs but if I can only pick one, for this season right now is: Psalm 37:25 – “ Once I was young, and now I am old Yet I have NEVER seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” // Instagram: @mcardlerox // Website:

When I was asked to be a contributor, I was firstly surprised, followed by “aww..that’s so sweet of her to ask me”, to ‘Hey God are you in this?” and now I’m excited! Interestingly enough is always the ‘timing’. I was recently saying to a GF (that’s Girlfriend, not Gluten Free by the way!), that being at home again (story to come), I’ve emailed a couple of journalists in response to their articles and my GF said that I should maybe think about doing a blog and I said I wouldn’t know how to start…. coincidence???.. I think not! 

Our family has lived a life of trust. You don’t get to 50 without a few well-worn roads of curve balls and challenges thrown at you where you are forced to throw yourself before the Lord and say “OK God, just trusting you with this one!”

My gifting and passion is worship and worship leading. I just love getting on my keyboard and closing my eyes and just worshipping Him. I’ve been doing that since I was about 15 so, there’s a lot of songs, choruses and hymns stored in there to draw from!  Have you noticed how ‘easy’ it is to sing, “Give thanks with a grateful heart”, “I surrender all”, “Lord use me, send me”, “Christ is enough for me” and the list goes on… You know them, you’ve sung them…and we mean it too hey?

In December 2013, school was winding up and I was called in to a meeting with the Principal and the Business Manager. This wasn’t unusual as we met regularly throughout the year to see how Tuckshop (or Canteen if you’re from down south!) was faring. I knew we had to make some changes in the New Year and so I had my ideas ready to share in that meeting.

By the time I left, my role that I operated in for 10 years was made redundant.

An offer to stay on with the company that the College outsourced to, with the same hours and position but no longer as a staff member of a school I loved being a part of, was put before me, but funnily enough I felt that was just not an option.

I felt peaceful that He would provide. The redundancy was like the Lord saying to me that my time was finished. My girls were no longer at the school and I was happy to continue there, except that during my youngest daughters last year, I had felt a shift happening in my spirit that there was a change coming. I stayed an extra year because nothing looked like it was changing and had a fantastic year not knowing that by the end of it, I would be sitting here… applying for job after job!

It’s now been almost 4 months and as I look at our funds depleting, rather quickly I might add, I have to keep reminding myself of not only that scripture in Psalms but of the many financial miracles that have occurred in our lives – where God miraculously provided at the 11th hour. He seems to like that doesn’t’ He?

I got up one morning 4 weeks ago, looked at my bank balance and literally whispered to the Lord “OK Lord, there’s enough left of my redundancy for another 2 weeks rent. I’m choosing to trust You.”

I went to the computer to apply for more jobs and half an hour later my husband calls out and asks me what all this money is in my account? When I looked at the balance there was a back payment of over $5,000 put in there from Centrelink for Family Tax Payment! I haven’t had anything from them for years! Coincidence again… I think not!

With my husband, who’s a Tradie, not having had much work either, he was asked two weeks ago “at the last minute” to do a job driving a bus for a Scripture Union Camp for a week – he had JUST got his licence. Another coincidence? Mmm…

So, yes girls, God can be trusted. This is only one of myriads of miracles where God has stepped in and provided at the right time.  I’m still not working and my husband still hasn’t got anything fulltime, but the Lord can be trusted, and in the midst of a slight panic – I feel at peace.

“Abraham believed God and God counted him as righteous because of his faith”. Romans 4:3 (NLT)


10 thoughts on “Reason to Trust #5 [Roxane]

  1. Aynslee Niemann says:

    That’s a really good read Rox. Looking forward to the next instalment of what God is doing in your lives. We have a God we can trust! Love your photo as well.

  2. Di Smith says:

    You are amazing Rox as you keep proving the faithfulness of Jesus to us. Love it and love you too. We must catch up ,it’s been to long. xxx

  3. Mel says:

    So encouraging! Thank you for sharing with such openness and warmth. God’s providence shines through your story. Would love to hear more!

  4. Cecille deVries says:

    “The eyes of the Lord is on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry”, He’s so awesome our God! I love hearing about how He sorts things out for us. Love your testimony. Love you.

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