Reason to Trust #12 [Anne]

Anne IulianoAge: 54 // Favourite Food: anything chocolate. // Dream Job:  Grandmother J// Current Season:    Pastor/Chaplain/ always up for new challenges. // Met Jesus: At 6 years old in a conference. // Favourite Verse: Luke 1:37 – “For with God, nothing shall be impossible”

One of my life principles: “Keep money out of your heart…..and God will keep it in your pocket.” I absolutely KNOW that God supplies all our financial needs, exceedingly abundantly, over and above.  But learning this has been an incredible journey.

Aged 21 and starting in ministry with my new husband of 4 weeks, we had no money except for what was given us at our wedding. We immediately had to begin a journey of trusting God for everything. I know what it’s like to shop with a knot in my stomach trying to ensure I was not one cent over at the cash register, because there was no more than the petty amount of cash in my purse. But that’s when the miracles began… miracle, after miracle of provision.

When the first baby arrived, I was given absolutely everything I needed, including a heritage cot complete with heirloom linen, etc – abundantly beyond, more than enough to give away to other new mums.

Tests of faith came regularly, God never failed.

Then approaching one Christmas, with two little boys, we realized we had absolutely NO money for gifts. We could have hidden it from our boys as they were really too young to expect anything. But what about Christmas day with the extended family? Rocking up with no gifts would be disastrous.

We simply prayed and asked God to provide.

Three weeks before Christmas – an envelope arrived.

No note, no sender details. But with an anonymous bank cheque for $1,000! We both wept at the provision yet again of our wonderful God.

Since these early years we have never made decisions based on financial benefits. Purely on what we believe God is asking of us.

We love to be generous, and have found that we cannot out give God. Sometimes it is ridiculous! We will give money away and within a day or two, receive double, triple or more back. When we have needs, or sometimes simply a desire, our Father goes ahead and provides.

When John first proposed, he said he might not be able to give me a two storey house with a couple of cars in the garage, but promised me his love and faithfulness. Well, we’ve got the house, the cars, and many other blessings, plus love and faithfulness to each other. And we continue to enjoy the love and faithfulness of our ‘exceedingly abundant’ God.


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